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Cycle Accident

Gone are the days when cycling was only noted down as a recreational hobby in your school essays. These days the number of cyclists on the UK roads are growing like an epidemic. The more people tend to choose the bicycle as their travelling medium, the more they are stamped as the ‘vulnerable road users’. The unnecessary road rage of fellow road users and their often reluctance in sharing the road with other travelling cyclists have been a major contribution in any minor to major bike accident.

Irrespective of the speed that a cyclist maintains over the road, the chances to be exposed to a cycle accident are always there. One cannot lose sight of the severity of injuries resulting from a cycling collision. Irrelevant of what the reason may be for such accidents, be it a negligent attitude of the fellow motorist, the driver’s skills or poor road conditions, one can always make bike accident claims.

These accident injury claims are a legal way to plead your case in order to obtain your bicycle injury compensation. Before you figure out the amount of your cycle accident compensation claim, it is essential to know if you are entitled to make such cycling accident claims.

At Moto-claims, we provide you with a legal representation to fight for your bicycle injury claims and negotiate with the insurance company of the other party. The experienced bicycle accident solicitors not only educate you with the process to file bicycle injury claims, but also impart knowledge regarding the amount of the personal injury claim according to the rehabilitation period required.

Our cycle accident claim attorneys handle your compensations at a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis. This ultimately means that you don’t need a dime to begin; hence you have nothing to lose. Furthermore, our bike accident claim specialists make sure that you receive 100% of the compensation award.

Now the question arises, are you really entitled to make a cycling accident compensation claim? The answer is neither decided by the amount of personal injuries occurred nor the extent of the injuries gained during the collision. Your personal injury claim is considered valid if the other party is at fault. A regular bicycle accident lawyer might overlook your minor injuries, keeping you deprived of the justified compensation amount for those physical damages. For this reason, our physical injury solicitors are dedicated to examining your case by giving weightage to all the damages involved to prepare the exact accident injury claim.

The solicitors make sure that your cycle accident claim not only includes the compensation claims for your personal physical injuries, but all the damages occurred whether physical, psychological or financial. Your financial cycle claims include:

  • Cost of medical rehabilitation involved
  • Future Loss of Earnings
  • Additional cost of travelling in case of severe bicycle damage
  • Loss of Amenity
  • The repairing cost of the motorbike

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If you want to know more about your eligibility to make a bicycle accident claim or the amount of the compensation you are entitled to, then contact Moto-Claims by filling the free online claim inquiry and give our team the chance to assist you.


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