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Motorcycle Accident

Have you been the victim of a motorbike crash that occurred outside of the UK? Some may not be aware that you can still make a claim on a motorbike accident anywhere in the world where traces of negligence are present.

Road traffic accidents abroad are fairly common and if you are not a fault then it’s imperative to still make a claim, no matter where the accident may have occurred. Whether you are in or outside of the UK, you are still entitled to compensation, so please contact us by either phone or online if you have been the victim of an accident abroad.

If you have been part of motorcycle accident then you are entitled to lodge your motorcycle accident compensation claim against any personal injury that occurred as a consequence. The only eligibility requirement needed is a faultless attitude from your side.

Our bike accident law firm along with the highly dedicated panel of personal injury claim solicitors are specialized to deal cases involving any minor to major injury claim. Provided that your bicycle collision took place during the last 3 years, our attorneys can plead the case on your behalf and help you in receiving 100% of your bicycle injury compensation at a ‘No Fee Agreement’ basis.

One must make note of the fact that almost all the bicycle injury claims will qualify for the respective compensation. The chances of your litigation case being successful depends upon how efficiently the solicitor pleads your case and is why clients hire our experienced bike accident claim attorneys. Our three basic services that help you win your compensation reward are:

  • Free Counselling
  • Free Instructions & Guidance of Solicitors
  • Free Advice

Amount of Motorcycle Accident Compensation

Your motorbike personal injury claim will involve a compensation value keeping in view the following important factors:

  • The severity of the injuries, i.e. either temporary or permanent
  • Special damages, i.e. potential loss of future earnings
  • General damages, i.e. non-monetary losses
  • Age factor, i.e. the younger you are the more compensation you deserve
  • Sex, i.e. Female cyclists can claim greater bicycle injury compensation in case of facial injury or scarring
  • Pre-accidental medical ailments
  • Period of suffering, i.e. the amount of time you have been suffering or will be suffering in the future

In Case of Physical Damages

The amount of compensation for any common cycling injuries that leads to physical damages is purely based upon their medical bills and duration of the treatment.

Large portions of the compensation for any of the above bicycle accident injuries are also accompanied with the cost of all those permanent damages that the cyclist may live with for the rest of their life.

Any disability resulting after the bicycle accident injury can lead to more cycling accident claims followed by greater compensation as it may alter the lifestyle of the individual. In tragic cases where the accident has resulted in the victim’s death, the family can include the funeral expenditures in their compensation value of cycle claims.

In Case of Psychological Bicycle Accident Injury

The motorcycle accident claims that fight against a compensation amount for post-accidental trauma of the victim are based upon the medical evidences of the cyclist. In such a situation the compensation valuation for such a loss depends upon the competency of your cycle accident claim solicitor.

How effectively your legal representation conveys your suffering during your litigation is an important factor to get a reasonable amount of indemnity against your motorcycle accident claim.

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