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About Us

We are a team of experts in motor injury claims who work with the most vulnerable victims in a road accident – pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. Our aim is to help every pedestrian, cyclist or motorcycle accident victim and get them compensation for the injury they sustained.

Our experienced personal injury solicitors have gained recognition in the area of motor injury claims and are well known for their arbitration and consultation skills in the area. We have worked on all kinds of motor injury claims and successfully claimed reparations for our clients. Our years of experience and personalised approach to each client give us an edge over other companies practicing in the same area.

We can help you with:

  • Winning the maximum compensation for your personal injury
  • Compensating your rehabilitation costs and loss of earnings caused by the injury
  • Repair and replacement of the damaged vehicle

We offer you our support with filing the claim against the offender’s insurance company and work with you on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis. We are available to help you 24/7 and will support you each step of the way of making a claim.

Want to know more about making a compensation claim for a pedestrian, cyclist or motorbike accident? Just fill out our online claim inquiry form and our experts will give you free advise on your case.


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When we say free, we mean free from all hidden charges otherwise charged by other bicycle accident law firms. In order to know about your eligibility for the free repair services and to offer our advice, dial now on 01212 705786.


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